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Mount Taishan - Shandong

Mount Taishan is called Mount Daishan in ancient times. It is also called Daizong, Daiyue or Taiyue. Situated in Tai'an in central Shandong province. Mount Taishan is the easternmost mountain and takes the lead in the five sacred mountains. In 1987, UNESCO listed it as one of the world natural, as well as cultural heritage sites.

The sublime position of Mount Taishan was conferred by emperors of past of dynasties who frequently went there to pay homage and offer sacrifices to heaven and the earth. Many ancient emperors have been there for times. For example, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty had been to Mount Taishan seven times, and Emperor Qianlong had been there ten times. Feudal emperors who paid homage to Mount Taishan regarded the mountain as god's incarnation. The whole mountain is abundant in inscriptions, old temples, pavilions and bridges.

Peak of Jade Emperor
Peak of Jade Emperor is the highest peak of Mount Taishan with an altitude of 524 m. On the summit there is Temple of Jade Emperor. In ancient times, people would scale the mountain and set up sacrificial artars to offer sacrifices to heaven. It is also a good place to view the sunrise and sea of cloud.

South Heaven Gate
South Heaven Gate, also called Three-Heaven Gate, is the last archway before climbing onto the summit of Mount Taishan. It is also the gate to the montain summit.

Temple of God of Mount Taishan
Among the numerous ancient buildings on Mount Taishan, Temple to the God of Mount Taishan at the foot of Mount Taishan is the place where Chinese emperors of every dynasty worshipped the God of Mount Taishan. Memorial Arch of Temple to the God of Mount Taishan is outside of Zhengyang Gate. In ancient times, emperors would hold a short and simple rite here before they held the formal ceremony of offering sacrifices within the temple.

Heavenly Grant Palace, the main palace of Temple to the God of Mount Taishan, was built in Song Dynasty. It is a place where ancient emperors offered sacrifices to the God of Mount Taishan. On the wall is a huge mural 62 m long and 3.3 m high. It is a rate work of art representing how the God of Mount Taishan went on a tour of inspection.

Do you know?

On the way to the top of Mount Taishan, there is a world-renowned Jingshiyu, On the stone walls of the slopes, Jingang scripture (a Buddhist classic work) is carved in official script. There used to be over 2,500 characters. After 1,400 years wind and rain, there are still 1,043 characters left, each being 50 cm square. The inscription is praised as the "ancestor of big characters".

Palace Museum of Beijing, Confucius Temple of Qufu and Temple to the God of Mount Taishan are reputed to be the three great palace complexes.
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